Code Projects

Here is a comprehensive list of the various programming-related projects I've worked on, either individually or as part of a team. Most of these projects were done as part of courses at Carnegie Mellon University, or for specific hackathons.

The tools and technologies used to implement each project have also been listed in their descriptions.

Click on the project title to learn more information about the project and visit the project's demo page!

Image courtesy of PixelsTalk.


Spring 2021 - Now | Graphics Package
Contributed code to open-source repository as a student researcher.
Created/used at CMU (course 15-462).


Fall 2020 | Collaborative Web Audio Editor
Implemented with Django, peaks.js, tuna.js, and Sortable.js.
Created at Carnegie Mellon (course 17-437).

oWo Bot

Fall 2020 | Discord ChatBot and WebScraper
Implemented with and Selenium WebDriver.
Personal Project (deployed to Heroku).

Simple Calculator

Fall 2020 | Simple Web Calculator
Implemented with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Created at Carnegie Mellon (course 17-437).

JoJo's AR Adventure

Fall 2019 | AR Pose-Tracking & Animation
Implemented with PoseNet, Blender, Mixamo, and p5.js.
Created at Carnegie Mellon (course 60-212).

Space Invaders: WL

Fall 2019 | ML Hand Tracking Alt. Input
Implemented with p5.js & ml5.js.
Alternatively "CV Shooter v2"
Created at Carnegie Mellon (course 60-212).


Fall 2019 | Telematic Co-op Music Player
Implemented with,, & p5.js.
Created at Carnegie Mellon (course 60-212).


Fall 2019 | Face-Tracking 'Matrix-Animoji'
Implemented with p5.js, WEBGL & handsfree.js (BRFv4).
Created at Carnegie Mellon (course 60-212).


Spring 2019 | AR Device Info Display
Implemented with Firebase, Unity, Android Studio, and Vuforia AR.
Created for SteelHacks 2019.

ClearNet (InterLink)

Spring 2019 | Social Media Brand Analytics
Implemented with MySQL, Microsoft Azure, Javascript, HTML/CSS, & Flask.
Created for TartanHacks 2019.


Fall 2018 | User Input-Based Art Robot
Implemented with Arduino Uno/Mega.

Created at Carnegie Mellon (course 60-131).